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Welcome. Please look around my galleries. If you are just browsing, send me an email message
of what you like would be terrific. I also encourage past buyers to give me feedback via email as well.
If you have an image of yours you would like me to work on, let me know!


The French and Indian War time period is one of the most overlooked is United States History.

The images I create are created from photographs taken at reenactment events, mainly
the French and Indian War and other historical events relating to western Pennsylvania such as at the Bushy Run Battlefield.
I use a Canon 50d camera and shoot all images in the camera "raw" mode. This allows much
more flexibility in post processing. The images are then edited in Photoshop to give them
a painting look, and to look less like a photograph. I feel that this better represents
the time period, as photography did not exist at this time, only paintings and sketches.

Some then may be tone mapped or have other effects applied to them. Not all images
respond equally to the same treatment, some never do, it all depends on the image. I have quite
a few images I start but put aside because I do not like the look. I then may return months
later to try something different. As I discover new techniques, I may also rework completed images with
the new effect. I have had my images printed on framed canvas, and also enlarged to 2 by 3 feet in size.
The end result is much better that the image displayed on the web, and looks great matted and framed on
the wall. I try to offer reasonably priced quality prints of historical events.
I hope you enjoy the images I create, comments are always welcome. Thank You.

Note, if you want to link to an image in my galleries,
please provide proper credit on your website to http://randy-steele.artistwebsites.com

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Civil War Cannon Firing


Eastern Woodland Indian Warrior


Union Cannon and Artilleryman


Beach Solitude


Scripture Verse Sunset


Rangers on Patrol


Young Warrior with Rifle Bushy Run


Sunrise Fisherman Outer Banks


Images of the American Civil War Gettysburg Monument


Images of the American Civil War Gettysburg Cannon


John Deere 420 Tractor


First Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment Monument


Girl Soccer Player Charcoal Sketch


Breakthrough Cook Forest


Charge of the Virginia Regiment at Gettysburg


P-47 Thunderbolt Airplane WWII Airfield


Civil War Battlefield Poem Poster


Dr. Seuss Inspirational Quote Poster


2014 Kennedy Silver Half Dollar Coin Enhanced Uncirculated


2014 Kennedy Half Dollar Silver Coin Set


Passing Through Cook Forest


Fall Fly Fisherman


Full Moon Haunted House


Fall Morning Fly Fishing


Gettysburg Devils Den Cannon